Dating vision statements

As the membership organization of health information management professionals, AHIMA fosters the professional development of its members through education, certification, and lifelong learning.

These commitments promote quality health information for the benefit of the public, healthcare consumers, providers, and other users of clinical data.

The revised statements will also be used in all communications with the press, the community, alliance organizations, and sponsors.

AHIMA will set the standard and be the recognized leader in health information management practice, education, certification, research, and advocacy.

Whereas, an explicit and consistent statement of values, vision, and mission would aid the operation of component and specialty organizations; Whereas, all members should know and understand what the organization stands for and what it works towards; therefore, be it Resolved, That AHIMA and its component organizations commit themselves to uphold the above stated values and to work together to achieve our vision and mission.

Unlike the private sector, associations have no stockholders.

Its customers are its owners and its owners are its customers.



AHIMA's current vision, values, and mission pre-date Vision 2006. Through this resolution, the Board calls upon the delegation to commit to the revised values, vision, and mission and help communicate these to all members.The updated statements are shortened and simplified to ensure that AHIMA's members, its component and specialty organizations, and staff share and support a common set of values, vision, and mission. == 'undefined') (function($, win, undef) {var reorder, reorder Timer;if (!Associations exist to serve the goals of its members who are its community of interest.

An association's strategic framework—its directional strategies— are its values, vision, and mission statements.Directional strategies are vitally important in today's private, public, and social organizations as they provide the context for all decision making.


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