Dating waltham movements


From 1st April 2014 the recently privatised Royal Mail withdrew their international "Air Sure" service, the means that the maximum insurance available through the mail is now 250.

At the customers risk I can send worldwide for a flat rate of 15 with this maximum compensation of 250.

As this is a retirement business I keep my turnover below the VAT registration level so that I am not required to charge VAT on sales saving customers inside the EU at least 9% but this does mean that there is no reduction for customers in other countries.


The total volume of e Bay listings is about half what it was a few years ago and the majority is made up of uncased movements mostly not working and very poor quality stuff.

In the past I can remember having 40 - 60 bids on e Bay at any one time, at the moment I only have 6 bids in for working watches.


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