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For the veteran hot air balloon enthusiast certainly knows his burners and baskets, not least his cylinders and fabrics, upside down and inside out whether flying straight ahead at a target or at 180 degrees.

He gave a most enlightening talk to Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club on his story in hot air ballooning which goes back exactly to the date of August 12 1982 when he was offered a flight at Bewdley Safari Park.

“It was my first balloon flight and from then on I was hooked,” said Malcolm who went on to tell Rotarians that the first hot air balloon was launched in Paris in 1783.

“Then the first gas balloon was launched and gas ballooning became the thing for many years and still continues to be – particularly on the continent.”born 1939, an aeronautical engineer and founder of Cameron Balloons which still makes balloons today.

He told how a New York newspaper proprietor by the name of Gordon Bennett sponsored a flying competition and as a result fixed wing flying had gone on to great developments.


The Rotary Clubs of Shrewsbury and Shrewsbury Darwin are once again joining Shrewsbury Severn as partners in promoting this annual Christmas tradition in partnership with the Shrewsbury Chronicle.

For many years the Shrewsbury Chronicle has published the names of donors and the names will also be displayed near the tree and on the Rotary website.


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