Dating with ariane walkthrough


Follow this and you will demonstrate all four traits as well as get Ariane excited to do anything you want after dinner.Say something smart Kiss her I wanted to break the tension.Permalink Start with walkthrough #1 or #2, then: Go to the living room Massage her shoulders Go somewhere else Go for a drive Get in the drivers seat Go get some gas Fill up tank Head for the outskirts Drive into the mountains So far the same as walk #17, now we go for model poses.To get through the photoshoot, always give a compliment after each photo, and let her make the choices herself unless she asks for your opinion. I couldn’t help it you have a nice butt You could be an underwear model Jump like a cheerleader You would look good even in motion blur You have classic pinup looks That is daring and very hot!I’ll start with the 5 different dinners, which will show off all the pre-dinner activities, then how to get to the 37 different post dinner activities.First up is an ideal way to get Ariane ready for post dinner activities.

Run fingers through her hair Turn on some music Pick a Rock playlist Change music Pick a light Jazz playlist Dip and kiss her neck Go somewhere else Let’s go to the Kitchen Order Pizza for dinner Sorry I thought…Drink Wine Eat Pizza Drink Wine (again)Give her a compliment You are so pretty,…Talk to her Suggest finding a way to clean…Go to the bathroom Wait for her in the hallway Use the bathroom The rest of these walkthroughs will start where one of these 5 dinner walkthroughs end.

It is highly recommended to save your game at this point.

Permalink Start with walkthrough #1 or #2 this time: We are going to play a couple of games of “Truth or Dare” in order to highlight the most fun dares not covered in other walkthroughs.

The most common result is skinny dipping, which we did before. Go to the bedroom to put on a swimsuit Wait for her in the hallway Get in the hot tub Suggest playing “Truth or Dare”Truth or Dare (you have two chances, you must pick dare at least once to make Ariane more daring)(Pick a question, does not matter)(wait for her to finish answering)Truth or Dare (does not matter)None, a few, Over 10 (does not matter)Dare her to check her mailbox wearing only tennis shoes and a cowboy hat Follow her in to the bedroom(watch what happens)Here is another dare not available anywhere else, but Ariane has to be at least topless to access it.

Go to the bedroom to put on a swimsuit Wait for her in the hallway Check out the telescopecrater a or sea d or Another planet crashed into earth…Permalink As many of the walkthroughs for Date Ariane are for the old version, I thought I’d start providing some of my own.


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