Dating with fire


Every lovable stereotype about these professional heroes is true.

They are just as charming and valiant and gentlemanly as depicted in the movies, so it’s no wonder dating a fireman is such a common female fantasy.

And in general, I imagined that my twenties would more closely resemble the articles in There is, however, one fantasy that did not fall short of my delusions.

As I personally discovered recently, hanging out with a bunch of firemen while they cook you dinner in the station and let you tag along as they handle minor crises is as awesome as you would imagine.

In reality, it was merely an opportunity to wear the least bedazzled gown I could find out of the annual barrage of ugly prom dresses.

My career as a writer was supposed to involve much more time spent shoe shopping and doing light self-reflection in the form of too many rhetorical questions and much less time figuring out why a soul-sucking blog post went viral.

The most important being that it’s a helluva lot easier to get a date with a fireman (if you’re into that sort of thing) than I originally thought.

I mean, it’s not like they’re hard to spot: They ride around in huge, red trucks with blaring sirens.


They have serious, important jobs, but part of that job also seems to be waving to adoring kids and having biceps for days.That’s a combination for weak knees if I ever heard one.


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    They were generally to be found earning their keep on the long routes to Darlington and Stockton/Middlesbrough that NGT shared with United, where they were eventually superseded by the Routemasters.

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    It was night of firsts at the Rio Olympics’ Deodoro Stadium on Monday, as the winners of the first ever women’s rugby sevens finals were announced and a Brazilian player became the first athlete to accept a marriage proposal at the Games.

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    In a classic Kafkaesque fashion, the play unfolds in a courtroom where an unnamed author is under trial for writing a politically transgressive work.

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