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We got the stunning photos of her house, here’s inside Minnie Dlamini’s luxurious home.

With Valentine's day just around the corner, the commercialized idea of romance is smacking you in the face through your widescreen HDTV and via every magazine article.

Especially with the off chance that they do nothing but talk about themselves during dinner and don't know how to eat once you get back home.

Why waste your time trying to figure out how to escape a bad date situation when you could have an opportunity to run with initial vibes and explore later on if you're interested?

With all of this insanity around the corner, I opted to try the cocaine of all relationship exploration: speed-dating.

In a society where people barely have time for themselves, putting forth the extra effort to get together with a friend of a friend seems like a waste of time.

On the other hand, people who normally bask in the freedom of being single, indulge in self-love or self-loathe.Gaggle essentially focuses on the concept of what love might look like in a post-dating world.Despite the range of ages, occupations and speed dating experience, everybody had one thing in common: they were down to meet someone new.Author of The Gaggle and Founder of, Jessica Massa, facilitated the night with the equally inspirational co-creator, Rebecca Wiegand.

Worse thing that could happen is that you get some funny Twitter material and the possibility of someone leaning in too close because they “lost their voice.” Either way, it was a risk I was willing to take.The third floor of Strand book store was filled with champagne, large pretzels and a slew of interesting people; from blue haired vixens in leopard print coats to guys wearing two plaid shirts and slouched back beanies.


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    Average retail gasoline prices in Wyoming have fallen 4.5 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging

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    We got the stunning photos of her house, here’s inside Minnie Dlamini’s luxurious home.

    .13/g yesterday, according to Gas Buddy's daily survey of 494 gas outlets in Wyoming...

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    You will help so many others out there that are looking for great Provo date ideas.

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    Statehood would also mean the federal government would no longer pay the salaries of the top officials — but that savings mattered less as time went on.

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