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By Katie Davis “You’re such a Disneyland Dad.” The term is thrown around quite a bit.



“Fathering time, especially time that is not limited mainly to weekends, or to other small parcels of time, is closely associated with the quality and the endurance of the father-children relationship,” reports Stewart. Department of Health and Human Services, at, lists some tips regarding this idea, particularly with how it relates to non-custodial parents.“This kind of fathering time is highly correlated with positive outcomes for children of divorce.” So, what can a parent with limited parenting time do to prevent against coming across this way or earning the “Disneyland” definition? “‘Disneyland Dads’ miss opportunities to help their children grow in virtue; they also miss chance to get to know their children in their ordinary lives…[They] need to help their children with homework, to have them do chores around their home and to tuck them into bed on a school night.” At the end of the day, what your children need from you is much more than gifts and huge displays. Your kids need a parent who will be an educator, leader, motivator, counselor, fair disciplinarian and someone who is consistently in their lives.


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