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I tried one other time but I couldn't bring my self to let him around my son at first and well that caused a mess.

Should I wait for a while till he is older until I start dating again or, should I just stand my ground and not introduce him to anyone I am seeing? Any way I just want whats right for my son any one who can give me some advice thank you.

Any sex was had when a baby sitter was procured or they went to their (the kids) father's house, at his place (since he had no kids). Until you have gotten into a relationship that is long term, and your BF has accepted the fact that there are TWO OF YOU..not introduce your son to the men you date.

And, always remember, your son comes first.over your desires, regardless of your age.

I am caring for a nine year old whose 34 year old biological father will take the money I give her for her school lunch, take her piggy bank money, pawn her electronic toys.use it for his lifestyle.

This is in addition to the Social Security death benefits he receives that is suppose to go to her care.goes to his lifestyle. not only from some potentially unstable or selfish guy, but to have your son's home as his safe haven as well.

Children need stability, love, the ability to be a child. What you do seen, learned from, by your child. I do not have kids, but I run the guys in my area and a few were on the local Sexual Predator list, some for sex with minor children. KEEP YOUR MOM LIFE SEPARATE FROM YOUR DATING LIFE!!!!! He will have enough confusion in his life without one man after another coming through mom's door.

I would wait for at least 3/6 months before introducing someone your dating to your child.

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