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Perfect for Polish dating on a budget, and perhaps ideal for a Polish picnic, prices are reasonable with a latte and a gorgeously fresh pain au raisin coming in at just £2.14.


With a range of dishes such as Hunter’s Stew, Sauerkraut Salad, and soups, this eatery will give Polish dates a taste of home and give those who are new to Polish dating a good introduction to the culinary delights of Poland.This little Polish patisserie is full of wonderful pastries and treats as well as a fine selection of cheeses, biscuits, drinks, cold meats and anything you could want that might be a nice change from your usual deli’s offerings.How you do this is going to depend on a number of factors but first you have to recognize you’re dating in a crowd.You can’t compartmentalize your life and fall in love as if it won’t impact your kids.


Polish dating can be a minefield at first if you don’t know a lot about your date’s culture.If you do your homework though, there’s always the potential to wow them with your knowledge of Polish food and restaurants.


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