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more A few years ago, I was speaking with a friend who is on the spectrum when he noted that life would be much easier if someone would just show me the rules.more Author, Educator, Musician, Internationally acclaimed speaker and autistic adult offers so much more than the traditional autobiography.Drawing on personal and professional experience, Stephen Shore combines three voices to create a touching and, at the same time, highly informative book for...She gives information on how Asperger’s impacts the adolescent mind, and how to handle the demands of parenting this kind of... Jane Thierfeld Brown lead AANE’s “Preparing for College” workshops, and Dr.more This book, written by experienced college disability directors, is the authoritative guide to the subject. Thierfeld Brown offers college consultations to individual teens and their...It’s no secret that teen years are difficult for every parent; however, parenting a teen with an Asperger profile complicates this time with a set of new and different challenges.Many parents feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to focus on as their children move through adolescence. AANE is here to help you find the path that is right for you.For example, children with AS are more likely to be sluggish and disoriented after waking.

There is no single way to help your teen and family thrive.

At AANE you have access to the collective wisdom of our parent-professional staff, and our extended parent community, to help guide you on your parenting journey. Getting Started for Parents of Teens Programs and Services for Parents of Teens Parent Coaching Education Transition to Adulthood College First Person Accounts Fathers Initiative Studies find that approximately 73% of children with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) experience sleep problems, and these problems tend to last longer in this group than they do for children without AS.

more Experienced, powerhouse educational advocates Marilyn Weber and Jennie Dun Kley show you how to create individualized transition plans that will really help get your high school student ready for an independent adult life of education, work, self-care, and healthful...

more In this webinar, Erika Drezner helps parents distinguish between behaviors that are related to an Asperger profile, and typical teen behaviors.

more Many people on the spectrum never get "the talk" from their parents, and suffer from "information deficit." This book goes a long way toward filling in the gaps in their knowledge.It takes a candid look at aspects of sex and relationships as they apply to people on the autism spectrum: Learn...


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