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She gives h Fair Play is about Tea Brown, a photographer based in Chicago on assignment to Myrtle Beach, and Nick Wood, quarterback for the South Carolina Hawks & father to four year old Scarlet.

After my wife died, I vowed to be everything to Scarlet. She's nothing I thought I'd ever want, Tattooed, pierced, artistic, and carefree, But Tea's all that I want, And everything Scarlet needs. Nick's a famous football player and Tea is a talented photographer.

But when someone decides I can't have her, I find myself fighting for everything, For my daughter, For Tea, And forever. This is a standalone full-length romance with a HEA. For a limited time with this purchase we have included Emerson's entire series, FREE for your reading enjoyment. Also included is a short preview of Emerson's next trilogy FOUND - A Bad Boys Kiss Book One. Because of the two FREE books and preview, FAIR PLAY may end just before 35% on your Kindle, however, rest assured it is a full-length novel. Tea was a bit too bohemian for me with all the tats and piercings in places where they should never be.


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