Before going to current dating status check a review of her relationship history.

: At start she had dated with this guy but just after some time, they broke up because of their busy and tight schedules.

We think that if both of them might have given suitable and some time to each other then they might have saved their relationship at that time but all in vain now.

We are sure that this youngest American ring announcer must have learnt a lot from this split relationship from her and she will not be making these mistakes again!

But again this is a relationship mistake by her whose detail is that.

You must be quite sad to know that this American ring announcer also faced a breakup with this WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel but this time, the issue was create by Justin.

She just maintained her dating relationship with him for some time and then they had a split.

Due to tight routines and time tables, busy schedules, he just forced her to select one among relation or profession that causes this couple to have a split.

One must strange from her confidence when she was coming as ring announcer in front of huge crowd.He gave this statement that Jo Jo is too young to carry and retain this relationship that is why Justin decided to have a split with her.She is only Jo Jo Offerman who is well knows with the name of Jo Jo WWE, in this age she is best in profession but not good in relationships.Now she is dating with fourth boyfriend; whose update is also not come from a period of time; after which question are arise about break up.

After some time, we start to hear up this news that this celeb started dating with WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel.

She tries to move on with her split, that is why she started dating right after this ended of relation so that she can forget Sebastian!


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