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Winner of the 2014 SHITFA (Supreme Honorary Improvised Theater & Film Award) for Outstanding Genre Performance (THE SCARY, Improvised Stephen King), IRTE, the Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble, invites you to be a part of the action in Come see the comedy theatre company whose shows have been called "so much fun...comedic brilliance" (Susanne Pinedo, Pinedo PR), "completely unique" (Heather Boddy, Thespi-Honest), "quick-wit hijinks! Frateo, Outerstage​) and an "amazing improv super-crew." (Roberto Tobar, Comedy Blogger).The NYC-based ensemble of comedy performers returns with its own unique brand of original themed, character-driven improvisational shows performed in rep.They will be joined by guest performers Evie Aronson (Tru TV, HBO Films, Frigid Fest NY), Sam Katz (IRTE's ).The group’s collective credits include off-Broadway theater, national tours and feature film.Share their heart wrenching, passionate, powerful stories. Their stories are enhanced through dance, choreoraphy and an original musical soundtrack created by Lenis Guess.Zemwerk proudly presents HMLT, a tale of blood, sweat, and murder.



July 11th, IRTE opens its fifth and final show of the season, Directed and originally conceived by Bill Berg (IRTE Ensemble, Gotham City Improv), CALAMITY!

is a live improvised action adventure disaster "movie." The cast will include Artistic Director Nannette Deasy and IRTE Ensemble Robert Baumgardner, Curt Dixon, and Jamie Maloney.

Co-written by award-winning playwright/actor/director Stella Maria Perry and director/writer/actor/designer Oisin Mc Gillion Hughes, HMLT is a full-length play based loosely on Shakespeare's Hamlet and Dark Lady Sonnets, as well as the works of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges.

Director Oisin Mc Gillion Hughes augments the text with inspirations ranging from 1920s German Expressionism to the punk scene of 1970s London.

 Each show will include appearances by talented up and comers from the NY indie music scene, including Carla Ulbrich July 11th, Tym Moss July 18 and Mr. About the Company: IRTE: The Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble IRTE: The Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble, an ensemble of theatrical actors and writers who will develop, produce, and perform a season of original themed improvisational shows and video sketches following the basic model of traditional repertory theatre.The March is returning to the Producers' Club with some new cast members and new music!


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