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Thus, it is very important to learn how to overcome such a frustration and be able to move on with a positive outlook on your dating life.One of the most effective ways of recovering from negative dating experiences and not allowing yourself to get frustrated with dating is realizing and remembering that we, humans, as a matter of fact do not like the vast majority of things and it’s quite natural and normal.It appears that the same principle applies to our romantic relationships.It is in our nature to not be attracted to most other people and not be interested in them as dating partners for whatever reason – be it looks, personality, or any other factor.Thinks about it – you go to a clothing store and see hundreds of shirts for sale. Your eye, however, only catches a few shirts that you would even considering trying on and buying.Living in a city that has 1000’s of restaurants, bars, and cafes, I notice that I keep coming back to the same 3-5 places that I really, really like, even though other places are quite good.These repeated disappointments inevitably lead people to feeling frustrated with dating and to losing hope that one day they will meet someone special with whom they will have this amazing chemistry and mutual romantic connection.Frustration with dating and relationships with the opposite sex never helps anyone but only worsens any situation making a person angry, anxious and/or needy and desperate, which in turn further reduces the likelihood that he/she will be able to turn his/her dating life around.

We have many acquaintances but very few people who connect with us on a level that makes us friends.If you are a guy, most women you meet are either physically unattractive to you, or flaky, dramatic, unintelligent, boring, and otherwise undesirable.If you are a woman, most guys you meet and go out with our insecure, possessive, controlling, cheaters, liars, or selfish.You will have to go through many people before you meet someone who you believe is a “good” match.

Most guys and women keep meeting people, spending time getting to know them and hoping that their new romantic prospect will turn into a great dating and relationship partner.

Yet, these encounters with new people end, proving to be disappointing over and over again.


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