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I have had a lot of fun over the years, have the total respect of my son for being a great dad, and don't have to give anyone 75% of my $ at 62. It seems like some female posts make it out like they are always "settling".

In reality we settle (and for only one reason in my case).

I personally believe most men age much better than women.

And as we get older we become more financially secure. To date I have been unable to find a women who makes more than me..until that happens I am stayig single. Hi - I am moving to Detroit soon (teaching at WSU), and so I asked a couple of folks there what should a single guy do.

not even worry about women specifically but just build up your scene.

i dunno how young you are, but if you're in your 20s i'd definitely suggest renting a house with people you could buddy with.

My ex was beautiful (seriously) and at the time I thought it was the end of the world when we split up.

She now looks like her mother (this is not a good thing) and has been married three times since me. I explained to her what a seriously flawed idea that was.


After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.Poster and Marvin...really appreciate both your replies. I was a single dad for 15-years and was married for 10 before that.


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