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Even if you are the most charismatic, confident, good-looking person out there, you may still feel a little uncertainty in your mind.All joking aside, is this a viable option to cure a case of the nervies?Can a pre-game O help keep your mind off of sex on your date? If you are concerned with thinking about sex the entire time on your date, I don’t think masturbation will help keep you out of the mental sheets. Your date isn’t going to be able to read your mind and as long and you don’t whip off the table cloth and take them right there on the table, you’ll be fine. Can an orgasm help alleviate some nervousness or stress? So when you’re getting ready for your date, picking out your perfect outfit, and doing your hair just so, take some time for you and tap in to your built-in stress reliever.


Masturbation is also great for when you have sex with a partner.You can show your partner how and where you like to be touched.


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