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Should you later discover that Edie relayed this discussion to her parents, and they in turn take up the discussion with you, then you’ll have an indication of the kind of problems you’ll have to confront in the future.If you find that to be the case, I’d suggest you keep your options open for a partner who is more interested in a twosome than a foursome.We have both spoken to her mother on different occasions and she says, “I just want to invite you to all of these things but I understand if you can’t come.” Her mom will start calling her on Monday about events for the coming weekend and not stop calling until Edie has agreed to whatever plans she has made.My bottom line is that I want us to spend less time with her folks. Dear Paul, From what you write, it does not seem that the normal separation that develops between parent and adult child has occurred here.

Also, Edie should honor a request that your relationship issues are never discussed outside your relationship.The last thing you want is for her parents to become mediators between the two of you every time you have a disagreement.


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