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Cool Guy Game: You casually drop all the interesting things you do (or have done) while making the girl laugh every now and then.

The key to this game is fun conversation that makes the girl feel lucky she met you. Hail Mary Game: Go to the club, take a deep breath, and approach 10-20 girls.

Asshole Game: This is where you fire off relentless volleys of jabs, teases, and light insults that act as foreplay and make her ask, “Who is this guy?

” It’s important to get the one-night-stand when using asshole game because by the next day her vagina will have dried up.

Cocaine Game: You’re at the club talking to a girl and drop a casual line about having coke back at your penthouse, which is really a shitty row house but she won’t care as long as she sees that pile of coke.

Ignore her inevitable resistance by holding her body and head in place.Even if she keeps her lips completely closed while you kiss, try to open them with your tongue.


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