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The runner up is Os Músicos (“The Musicians”), a marketplace for musicians and people or companies willing to hire those professionals, got the second place.

In this platform you can register or find musicians and events.

After a while he built a spreadsheet for the second step, but it was definitely not enough to support a good customer relationship and sales management.

The team involved used to work together in their initial startup, Trip2gether, so the team integration led to a great execution of the project along the weekend.

The winner of this edition is Eu Consultor (“I Consultant”), a CRM for direct sales.The idea of Eu Consultor came out based on a problem that Daniel Rochetti, CTO of Trip2gether, was experiencing at home: his wife is a sales consultant and used to work as many other consultants in this direct sales market, i.e., writing down the orders in the catalogues, compiling it in a notebook and then ordering the products at the company’s website.


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