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We are hoping this will settle down at about 120 as we don’t just want to keep adding companies,” CEO Jessica Levental told Mining Journal.“In 2015, we had 220 buy side delegates and 80 sell side delegates.

With precious metals prices rebounding in 2016 from the lows of a four-year bear market, the precious metal sector’s fall classics – the Denver Gold Forum (DGF) and the Precious Metals Summit Beaver Creek (PMS) – promise to be real humdingers.

By Paul Harris*With the price of gold up 30% since the start of the year, precious metals have, again, caught the eye of investors and a steady rebound is building.“It is really precious metals going up and not base metals or oil and gas.

It’s just one particular part of the mining sector,” Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights told Mining Journal.

With the interest of institutional investors piqued again, both events are forecasting records.

The DGF has been a fixture in the calendars of precious metals investors for years and many view it as the most important event of its type on the globe.

Investor signups for this year’s event have already blown away the expectations of the Denver Gold Group (DGG) that organises the DGF.“We can model accurately to within 5% the number of investors that will come at a given gold price and we use this to maintain a ratio of investors to companies.

Delegate registrations are currently at 950, with attendance capped at 1,200 people. We expect that we will be full by mid-August,” he added.


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