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Match racing, probably the most thrilling form of sailing, is fast, competitive and highly strategic – the sailors compete in identically supplied racing yachts and draw on all their experience and expertise to outrun their competitors.

The brief was to raise awareness of the title sponsorship and align key characteristics of match racing with online currency trading to engage viewer interest.

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We promised that Web Prosperity would be the most dominating value proposition ever introduced online, and we will deliver on that promise!

Our conference bridge has maxed out due to the sheer volume of entrepreneurs trying to stay ahead of the curve as this amazing Internet Marketing opportunity unfolds!


Their locations include London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai (Representative Office), Dubai, Moscow, Mumbai and Frankfurt.However, even though we don’t know Google’s complex code for how it decides to rank pages in its listings, we do know enough to find our own way there by using some tried and tested techniques, all thanks to the growth of Web 2.0, advanced keyword tools and some timeless SEO principles that cannot be denied by any search engine…


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