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The company needs somebody to take on some of my responsibilities. NET developer with desire to get immersed into Windows Azure devops, Big Data, Business Analytics and event sourcing, there is an opportunity for you in Paris (I'll try to help as much as I can in this process).

I've been in truth for 25 years with a couple of hiccups but now very thankful to be an a...

I'll be working with outstanding people there: Tomas Roos and Tom Janssens.

I'm a completely newbie in this development stack (summarised by Tom): Migrating a large free dating website from the Microsoft stack to Erlang/Linux... - Erlang/Python/C/ - Foundation DB / Phonegap / flightjs / responsive design - Chatroom devops - Remoting - CQRS / DDD / Eventstorming - Wercker / Digital Ocean / Github / Browser Stack / Phantom Js / Behave - Campfire / Mindmup / Google docs / Dropbox / Google Hangout - And many more!

After been on Oasis on and off, I decided to give it another go to see if I could find the partner of my dreams; and it didn't take long to connect with a match.

After trying to find my ideal partner with no success, I decided to give Oasis a go recommended from a friend.

I have met plenty of people through Oasis and became great friends to this day.

I like to be with friends that are kind, honest, and fun natured.

I live in a very small county and would like to make more friends in the truth.

NET were fun, but it is time to try something radically different.

As you probably already know, I'm moving to a new project at Happy Pancake - large free online dating website (largest one in the North Europe, if I'm not mistaken).


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