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The key is to be interested and show some passion for something, anything really. This gives the other person opportunities to share their experiences or ask follow up questions or you can follow your story by asking them an open-ended question like has something like that ever happened to you? For example you could say” while I do have a job that pays the bills, I find what I do as a volunteer for the big brothers / big sisters program to be very meaningful …just the other day I was talking to this kid who had never been to the Spy Museum and I am going to take them next week!Here are some quick tips to answer this question in a way that leads to a more interesting conversation and possibly more than just a date!1) Redirect the conversation to something that is not work-related.Here are some quick tips to answer this question in a way that is fun and leads to a more interesting conversation so that you date can turn into much more! Recently I have been having great success using what I learned from you to generate all kinds of interest with women and have an abundant sex life with women I’m really attracted to.The good news is there are ways to answer this question without it turning into a mundane or dead end conversation.For example I work as a corporate lawyer right now which can be very stressful and lead to some long hours.


OR you could joke “I have a job, but if I told you they might have to kill you (haha)” I do play on a kickball team, our name is (a pun or innuendo.) The other day someone on my team kicked the ball so hard it went flat. The outfielder then had to throw the ball in like he was tossing a hat …

3) If you do want to talk about your job, talk about it after talking about something fun first and try to pull a positive out of it that you do like that’s interesting or unique about it.

In Washington, DC the question “what to you do” inevitably comes up in a conversation.

So how do you deal with this so you can have a great conversation and really connect with someone new?

Instead of responding by talking about what you do for a living, talk about an activity that you do that you enjoy or otherwise find meaningful.For example, for fun I like to go canoeing, dance, paint go to concerts at a local music venue, I go to baseball games, volunteer for a charity.



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