Death dating vs planned obsolescence


If you do research into this you will find that we hit “peak oil” in the 1970s – meaning that we have reached the point in time when global oil output reaches its maximum level and the only way to go from here is downhill.The severity of the situation cannot be underestimated and we urgently require transforming our consumption-behaviour in a way that is sustainable for human beings, the planet and all other life we share this planet with.We’ve constructed an entire society and lifestyle based on the availability of fossil fuels as if they are never ending, while in fact they are limited and will run out.This means that we’ve built a society that is beyond the capacity of the Earth to support and will thus inevitably collapse.In this scenario, we don’t have much of a say and things will just ‘happen’ to us where all we can do is react to the economic and geopolitical disaster as they come along, but it will already be too late to do anything substantial, and much unnecessary harm and suffering will take place.On the other hand, if we choose to be active participants, we can guide the process of collapse.What many people don’t realize is that oil was created through millions of years through a process of extreme heat and compression of all the fossils of dead plant and animal life.Currently, the rate at which oil is consumed largely exceeds the rate at which the Earth is able to produce it.



This means that we won’t just be ‘victims’ of things happening to us, but where we can direct and guide the process of the collapse in a way where we minimize harm and suffering, and can put into place a point of transition where we can minimize the ‘shock’ of being cut off from fossil fuels while moving to renewable energy sources and sustainability.

This collapse, does not only entail the moving away from fossil fuels as our main energy source.


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