Declan donnelly dating


" Alan asked the mother-of-two."Oh I think so," she replied.

Gazing longingly at Ashley Roberts as he watched her taking part in a trial, I’m A Celebrity host Declan Donnelly made no secret of his crush.

It was like one teensy-weensy little peanut in a husk with two shelled peanuts on either side."My brother in law, who is a doctor, has always said every man secretly dreads one question “Is it in yet?

” I can tell you, I’m sure he has heard a lot of that."Upon hearing Lady C's comments, Duncan's 36-year-old girlfriend has spoken out and described the Scottish businessman as "the best lover any woman would wish for"."These undignified comments are unbecoming of a lady.

Spitting out his words in apparent disgust, Joe answered: ‘You’re not the only one that’s noticed that.

er, and I wondered if you’d like to celebrate the end of the series? While Ashley‘s admitted she’s ‘100 per cent single’ and looking for love, Now can reveal Dec may have a bush tucker battle for her affections on his hands.

‘I just wondered if you’d like to come to the party with me? Step forward I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here Now! The 30-year-old was surprisingly vocal about his thoughts when a viewer called in to the spin-off show to ask him how he felt about Dec making a move on Ashley.



I think she’s just jealous," Nigora said."I’m extremely happy with all aspects of our relationship; on the physicality of Duncan, I hope I don’t cause offence to anyone, but I’ve never had better!Duncan is not just the top man in business he is also the best lover any woman would wish for."A spokesman for Duncan also added: "Anyone who watched IAAC will know there is no footage of Duncan walking about in his underpants."However, that didn't stop Lady C from making the claims during her appearance on Alan's show.


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