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As Heraclitus said, "Through Strife all things come into being." Empedocles said that Strife also divided the one immortal soul of Love into many individual souls, each comprising both Love and Strife in some proportion; these immortal souls are reborn time and again into mortal bodies, which are animated by mortal souls compounded from the four elements.

from Exercise for Unity by Apollonius Sophistes Empedocles explains the nature of the universe through the interaction of two governing principles, Love and Strife, on four primary elements.

Unlike his predecessors, Empedocles claims that there are four elements in the universe; air, fire, earth, and water.


But Strife, as the River Styx surrounding the Sphere, broke its Unity, and cleaved the One into Many.

It divided the four elements, which ever since combine and separate under the opposing actions of Love and Strife to produce the changing world with its manifold objects and qualities.


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