Dejan tubic janelle ginestra dating dating pei

Here is the original sung by the incomparable Bonnie Raitt and some amazing covers by Adele and George Michael.

With over 40 millions views all over the world, Dejan Tubic is becoming the most watched Choreographer on-line.

Découvrez une autre culture, d'autres influences, explorez, découvrez, partagez ce moment !

Le LAX..pont vers tous les Pays et toutes les danses !

Recently, Dejan was hired with his partner Janelle Ginestra, not on to dance on America’s Got Talent, but also to choreograph for the show, including the Rebecca Black Performance, and Youtube sensation, Keenan Cahill featuring Nick Cannon.Dejan has danced for several artists including Usher at the American Music Awards and dancing for the legendary Toni Braxton in her music video “Make My Heart”.Traveling abroad, not only to teach workshops in countries all over the world, including Russia, India, and Mexico, he also Choreographed for their artists such as Vivi from China and Kele Okereke from the U. Dejan is a faculty member of International Dance Academy (IDA) in Hollywood, CA, where shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew film.Wether it is traveling world teaching classes or choreographing music videos, Dejan Tubic is leaving his mark on the dance industry.

Nikolai Barnin is a leading teacher and choreographer in jazz-funk in Russia. As a teacher: - Works in 7 famous schools of dance in Moscow (Tria Dance, Rai Sky, 9 Zalov, Ritmix, Dance Boutique, Model 357, 54 dance studio); - Regularly gives master classes in other cities in Russia (more than 50 cities); Gave more than 250 lessons in Russia and other countries. Nikolai is one of the top choreographers at the present moment in Russia.


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