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Establishing the picture's interest in sleaze and butchery, Zacarias opens "Demonoid" with the first hand-based sacrifice, witnessing a young woman overpowered by temple enforcers, leaving her chained up and, of course, topless, securing the R-rated mood immediately.The scene has nothing to do with the rest of the effort, only included as an early commitment to exploitation tricks, almost reassuring the viewer that the feature won't back down when it comes to chopped limbs and other salacious interests.Rivkin (Narciso Busquets) before it targets Jennifer.

A British woman visits her husband at the Mexican mine he is attempting to reopen and discovers that the workers refuse to enter the mine fearing an ancient curse.The couple enter the mine to prove there is no danger and inadvertently release a demon which possess people's left hands and forces them to behave in a suitably diabolical manner.The only way for a possessed person to free themselves from this torment is to cut off their left hand after which it scurries away in search of its next victim...For more about Demonoid: Messenger of Death and the Demonoid: Messenger of Death Blu-ray release, see Demonoid: Messenger of Death Blu-ray Review published by 1980's "Demonoid" is about a severed hand that kills.

As bottom-shelf insanity, "Demonoid" is tremendously entertaining and bluntly bizarre, with Zacarias orchestrating a chase picture that touches on marital unrest, spiritual challenges, and Satanic omnipresence, while star Samantha Eggar classes up the joint with a semi-committed performance, selling the oddity of an unstoppable hand and its determination to possess all those who come into contact with it.

In Mexico, Mark (Roy Jenson) is trying to turn a silver mine into a viable business, but the locals fear the location's evil energy.


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    We’re not sure if we just got a good crop of ladies, or if the site just tends to naturally weed out the nutty ones and keep them away.

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    The Hawaiian-born Midler may be able to ``hang-10`` for quite a while because of the spectacular success of her two movies last year, ``Ruthless People`` and ``Down and Out in Beverly Hills,`` which finished, ninth and eleventh, respectively, at the box-office among 1986 films.

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