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While the team was noticeably fractured last season after their seven months apart — and a certain new relationship that complicated things — this year will have them once again working as a cohesive team.

“Last year was the team being pulled apart and we ended with an obvious and powerful reason for the team to pull together again,” explained BONES creator Hart Hanson. The fact is, pregnant Brennan and [eventually] Brennan with a baby means that sometimes other people have to spend some time with Booth, which I think will be good for the series…Everybody will be out in the field more than we are used to seeing them.” And now that Brennan and Booth have a baby on the way, now would be the perfect time to see some more of their immediate family, right?



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    He was a strong advocate for reducing property taxes to encourage businesses to return to Baltimore.

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    After arriving in Canada, Darryl was given the opportunity to convert the Vintage Wine Club of Vancouver into an import agency, Vintage Consultants.

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