Disabled tv dating dating in dominican republic

And when you’re disabled, you feel indebted every day, making dating that much harder than it is for the average person.Because no matter how fiercely autonomous and intelligent you are, you’re starting each relationship as the one who needs help doing otherwise simple tasks, such as walking downstairs or driving.I took care of him over six months, as we assembled his surgical team, spent a week in the hospital as he underwent and recovered from the successful but complicated brain surgery, and then as he went through months of physical therapy. It’s hard to see myself as both.] Even without the added stress of a loved one’s serious illness, struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome makes me often feel as if I have a powerful flu.

Even with healthy self-esteem, it’s hard not to feel intensively vulnerable.

Five days after Trent asked me to marry him, a routine check-up unearthed a brain tumor behind his left ear.

A longtime professor, Trent is deeply intelligent and tenacious.

We were in love and determined to remain upbeat about his prospects.


Through it all, I rock my burgundy lipstick; I’m able to walk a mile to a mile and a half each day with crutches; and I maintain close relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

More importantly, have defied the predictions of several doctors who declared decades ago I’d never work again.



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