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"I don't have patience for half-truths." Still, Dorinda and John are going strong, though there are still some awkward moments in their relationship.

While Dorinda admitted that John knew exactly how many days they had been together, she couldn't even recall how many months they have dated.

But her 21-year-old daughter Avery, who joined her in the bar, isn't ready for her mom to date just yet. And the other Housewives continued to be not impressed. But Ramona noted that she is trying to accept John and ignore some of his less desirable traits.

Bethenny, meanwhile, felt Dorinda was always "selling" John to her whenever they hung out. "It's difficult for me to listen to half-truths," Bethenny said.

And though was is very into PDA during their dates, she was uncomfortable getting touchy-feely in front of others. Things got a bit awkward again when Dorinda and John had lunch with Bethenny and Jon.

So it's no wonder Dorinda wasn't ready to let John move in with her yet — even though her daughter Hannah is about to move out. John again brought up his dry cleaning business, which annoyed Bethenny.

Even Carole was surprised that their romance had lasted that long. And Carole noted that the drama with Lu Ann de Lesseps last season actually brought the couple closer together.


Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel were both moving on from their divorces in the Season 8 premiere of 'RHONY.' Bethenny was ready to meet new guys, even though her split from Jason Hoppy was still not finalized. "When you were 26 years old you did not care about having your underwear in a brown paper bag and running across town in a taxi," she noted.And Ramona was also "dating and skating" after settling her divorce in just a matter of months. "Now I don’t even want someone to be past my doorman." Bethenny eventually went on a fourth date with a guy named Jon. But Bethenny admitted that she was just having fun with him and wasn't ready to call him her boyfriend yet. While Bethenny was still figuring out how to divide her assets with Jason, Ramona wanted to get things over with as quickly as possible.



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