Dla backdating rules


Not sure if my query can be answered by this website but am hoping other members may be able to help if they have had the same experience?

I claimed tax credits as now qualify for the disability element but they will not backdate the tax credit award to the date of PIP award even tho I submitted the request in writing as stated on the HMRC website on app of tax credit as per the instructions on the said website. I have had no award notice but amounts paid in bank & no correspondance on anything or any discisions on tax credits or replies to my queries..searching online this seems to be the morn re tax creds!!

Have emailed my MP but received no reply or acknowledgment, thinking of requesting a mand recon in writing and attaching HMRC website info.

Statistics show that thousands of disabled people are still waiting over 16 weeks just to get an assessment The DWP has published statistics on the coalition’s new Personal Independence Payments (PIPs).


Cits advise confirm it should be backdated to start of PIP award but no one at HMRC has any idea.

The majority of DLA claimants were to be assessed after October 2015.

The NAO still warned that DWP was not on track, disabled people were hit by the impact of delays and the OBR revised DLA/PIP forecasts six times as a result of repeated ministerial failures to get a grip.

Ministers also shifted the timetable for how long disabled people seeking PIPs can expect to wait for support.

The stats show the government has failed – again – to get a grip of its new benefit, leaving thousands of disabled people without support.PIPs were introduced from April 2013 to replace Disability Living Allowance for working age claimants.



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