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22, 1957, in Queens, New York, Deutsch majored in marketing at the prestigious Wharton School of Business and graduated in 1979 with honors.

There, he learned the tenets of business while fueling his hunger to succeed.

David Deutsch was a talented Madison Avenue art director for the country’s most prestigious advertising agencies throughout the 1960s.

He grew discontent with the suffocating corporate mentality and, in 1969, opened David Deutsch Associates.

"Branding is all about discovering and staying consistent to a core value," he says of the global success and industry reputation garnered through his advertising company and former CNBC television show, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. She is committed to unique, cutting-edge sexuality in her music, clothing, attitude. "People think creativity is the best version of the current thing," Deutsch writes in his 2005 book, Often Wrong, Never in Doubt: Unleash the Business Rebel Within. I’d rather do something fresh and put my client on the line than knowingly do derivative work.




The new open environment was fertile ground for the high-caliber design for which he was renowned.

With a keen business mind and a natural hunger for a competitive way of thinking, the younger Deutsch also set his sights on a career in advertising. He joined Ogilvy & Mather’s executive training program briefly, but was stifled by its conservative approach, paralleling his father’s experience years earlier.


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