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is someone who feels about Christianity in the way that Barack Obama feels about America – an amalgam of self-righteousness and self-loathing, often expressed in apology, derision and self-mutilation.

Jim Daly of FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, still marinating in oedipal bitterness, has just shanked its founder. I think if I was born in the ‘30s with that Judeo-Christian culture and went through the ‘50s and ‘60s and saw what I perceived to be a dismantling of these things, I think I would have reacted the same way, as in, ‘We’ve got to hunker down and we got to preserve the things that leave the nation right.'” Mr.

Did Jesus Christ tell His disciples that they’d be hated, hunted and killed in His name for reading The Cat in the Hat to a group of orphans? Charity, although it should be a consequence, is not the Gospel of Christ.

A clean shirt, a shave, some soup; well Buddhists can do that and atheists too and the world will be impressed; but it’s not the Gospel.

This is à la carte Christianity, take what you want and leave the rest; the Christian Life as an all you can eat buffet, so let’s go right to the “make your own Sundae” table and just leave the vegetables to the venomous.


unless she was a Jew, and Wurmbrand wouldn’t have been tortured by Romanian communists for 14 years just for ladling soup into bowls.So are the ham sandwiches going to be as distracting as standing for the life of the unborn and Biblical marriage?According to the new FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, what is a “venomous mentality”?In the interview, Daly implies that it’s the defense of the unborn and standing for righteousness in the war between sexual purity and sexual anarchy. “It’s fair to say we have concentrated on some things that have distracted from the main thing, which is the Gospel of Christ,” said Daly, “When you are in the culture of doing good deeds, taking care of the poor, taking care of the widow, the orphan, not as a means to something else but because this is what true religion should be doing, even the nonbeliever would say, ‘Look at that …

There is a certain respect that comes from that.” You see, I’ve seen this formula before from those who have shouted Christians down and told us that our opinion is judgmental and should be disqualified because of “separation of church and state.” Just preach “Jeeeesus” and feed the poor; other than that shut the hell up.

It’s nice to see that this has been adopted by the new President of FOCUS ON THE FAMILY.



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