Drake and kyra dating

I think you misconstrued the boundaries of this relationship and this friendship.Which in return, has caused me to do the exact same thing.I can't be honest to your fans and say I'm honored to be around you? Drake: We all used to listen to you so I don't even... Your face light up when you see me, talkin' Miracle Watts Cause your words ain't sayin' a thing I kilogram without weighin' a thing Nigga you baitin' a king Tell you the way that Golden State say to it's team Aubrey you gotta make a shot, you wanna play on the wing [Hook: Andrea Martin] Dem a call me a murderer I never duck, just spray I'ma never miss mi aim Dem a call me a murder There's some truth in that saying Dem a call me a murder Nobody seen nothing, nobody seen nothing What I see, ayy [Verse 3: Joe Budden] Look here, I just spit the facts, raging aristocrat Shooters heard them words, wanna get rid of that When they roll up, bet dude won't wanna live his raps He'll see the 6 upside down and wanna switch it back Wrath of a god sinner I'm too real, I bet your star's tender I bet a mil', I'll bet a star tender But since the OG's Hov, here's what I wanna know If ain't no real niggas allowed the fuck would I wanna go?


[Verse 1: Joe Budden] I'm right here per your request, now you stuck in them shoes No alliances with Meek, it's still fuck him too Before we start, to the fans, I'm uncomfortable too Stuck in the booth feelin' like y'all cause I got love for the dude But now my phone blowin' up, they're like what I'm gonna do? I won't believe it's me without forensic facts They don't normally mention Black when pennin' their raps But then I listen back, I heard a pinch of sass Tender ass Teddy come around, he gon' get pinned to grass I come around with every inch of the mag I'm a wordsmith forreal, you thought Quentin was bad You made me proud, lad, but it seems my child mad With all the clout that he grabbed, it's still doubts from his dad Look, this ain't promotional, you just emotional No doubt you got Starbucks, with all that Joe in you I part his reign lightnin' fast, just what Joseph do A black cloud all over the 6, check the overview You're so indirect, shit wasn't real clear Either Jimmy actin' or he really miss a wheelchair What he don't know is we the most kindred of souls I should've did this two Kendricks ago He wanna sing?

Show the world you shouldn't poke a man with nothin' to lose All of this just because I wasn't in love with his Views Whatever happened, I just know they got me fuckin' confused, hey [Interlude] Mic check, mic check One two, one two Wait a minute! I'm, I'm, I'm honored to be around you, man Joe Budden: Yo c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon Drake: Okay so I can't be honest on your network here? Well let's get into the show, commence my role For Jodeci, Boyz II Men, we at the end of the road I figure he's that close to his death to know the reaper In fitted sweats with old sneakers, the flow ether Gassed cause he KO'd Omeeka, no Joe's deeper Quick to put extension on singer, that's Moesha Nothin' 'bout Rick slick, but show of the Caesar My crust from the same old pizza as Mona Lisa So how you callin' out the lyrical god?

Drake: I said don't say it in vain, you know he's one of the best Other Person: Nah it's all love New Joe Budden!

That's thinkin' back to Jay, now let's get back to Drake Both too big to respond to all I have to say Still with all their success and all their accolades The universe makes it so they come right back to me Here's a reminder that we go way back I mean um, you know for me the kid is practice, Hova I make these words flip as if they practice yoga Okay practice over, back to Blacklist Hova Nothin' personal, this Red Reddington Shawn, I don't work for you, still I'm doin' the work for you Payback, wire his jaw, reimbursin' you Metal all behind his face, Sprite commercial you Might have made a mistake out of this one Can't Bell Biv Devoe your way out of this one, nah So, warn your damn campaign that hammers rang I just bought a New Edition, you can't stand the rain Y'all say this soft nigga hard and that, I can't explain Y'all think he's soul for real, I see candy rain So Aubrey when you sub real MCs, you get murdered And since you signed to five guys, makes you a burger [Hook: Andrea Martin] Dem a call me a murderer I never duck, just spray I'ma never miss mi aim Dem a call me a murder Nobody seen nothing, nobody seen nothing What I see, ayy [Interlude: Joe Budden] Real quick, I don't wanna talk too long.


Joe’s response comes in the form of this 6 minute scorcher in which he dismantles Drake from top to bottom.A snippet of an earlier diss track was made public a few days prior to the release of this track and included the following lines by Budden: is also the name of a popular Netflix show that Joe is a big fan of.



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