Drew roy dating miley cyrus

And now it's been reported the singer and Liam’s relationship has progressed even further after she was pictured unloading boxes from a removal van at the actor’s house in Malibu, California, over the weekend.


Chris Hemsworth has poured cold water on reports little brother Liam has rekindled his engagement with ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus.The 'Thor' actor responded to claims his younger sibling is romancing the 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker again, 16 months after they split up, and is adamant he has no idea whether they have plans to get hitched When asked if the former couple are dating on 'The Kyle and Jackie O Show', Chris said: "Not that I know of mate." However, the 32-year-old star - who has his hands full with caring for his children India, three, and 21-month-old twins Sasha and Tristan, who he has with wife Elsa Pataky - has admitted he's always the last to find out the details when it comes to his brother's personal life.He added as he broke out into a laugh: "I would find out through the press.I find out last most of the time." Meanwhile, Miley, 23, and Liam, 26 - who met on the set of 2010 movie 'The Last Song' - have sparked speculation they're talking wedding bells again after the singer appeared to be the same engagement ring the Hunger Games star gave her when he proposed back in June 2012.

They had guys come in and audition and when they got it down to five boys, I got to go to the last call. Miranda: I was definitely nervous at first, but I hung out with Drew and played video games on set which made it a lot better because I got to know him. I'm not sure if he actually rides a motorcycle though.

I went in to meet them, and when the guy who got the part, Drew Roy, came in, I was just like, "Oh my gosh! He's really sweet and it was my first time having to kiss anyone on the show, so I was nervous about it.



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