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star Drew Seeley sat down with Just Jared to talk about his new musical comedy, his upcoming project with three singing brothers (you’ll never guess who! I hadn’t seen some of the cast since we shot, so it was nice to catch up with everybody. It’s got great pacing and has high energy, and its something that’s just made for kids, but older people can enjoy it also.

) and having instant chemistry with sweetie pie costar Selena Gomez. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal but a lot of people found out about it and came out. JJ: What genres of dance are performed in the film?

Maybe they had been through some other guys before, I don’t really know.

I went in and read, met the director, recorded, went back in and did some different scenes with (Selena) again, met the producers, waited a couple of weeks, and then got a phone call.

The 26-year-old actor, whose voice was blended with Zac Efron‘s in the original (on Sunday)? DS: Hip-hop, tango, there’s a big tango scene, ballroom dancing… So all that kind of boy-band dancing stuff is in there too. DS: Yeah, the first things I did before singing and acting, my parents got me into ballet, tap, jazz, all that kind of stuff.

Except for the first time I went in, I met Selena (Gomez) then and had to do some pre-reads with her.

So we got off on the right foot and started joking at the auditions, right before we started reading.

From 8 to 13, four or five days a week that’s all I did.

JJ: Your mom is a choreographer–has she choreographed for anyone famous?

DS: No, but we live in Canada, so she did ice skating routines a lot.JJ: What was the audition process like for the film?



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