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HAPPY BIRTHDAY – It’s been One Year of The Dating Game! Do you remember the 70’s version of the Dating Game? We will also have the Nervous Flirts LIVE to keep music going after the gameshow.If you would like information about becoming a guide, please contact Nicole Schmitz, Coordinator of Education and Tours at [email protected] Tour Admission for Adults for Students and for Seniors (60+) Free admission for current APC Members Admission is payable by cash or by check only to your guide.History is more than dates and facts, and our guides make it come alive through these walking tours.All of the tours you see offered here are led by our dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers.These are individuals with a passion for preservation and Atlanta that they love to share with others.The Atlanta Preservation Center is very thankful for their gifts and support.


No credit cards or debit cards will be accepted for in-person payment.

However, these cards may be used ahead of time if you choose to book a reservation through our website.



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