Drydek dating

"I am so happy to announce my beautiful wife is pregnant with our first child.

We are so blessed, so happy and look forward to bringing an amazing young boy into this world," Rob captioned a photo of him and his wife kissing while holding a photo of the sonogram surrounded by blue and silver balloons that read, "Oh Boy."So how have they been prepping for their little bundle of joy? The couple took a "babymoon" trip shortly after making their baby announcement, traveling to Bora Bora for a romantic getaway.

"So he turned me into Shamu over night and I woke up with this!

"The pair must be preparing to add a third member to their family as they recently purchased a new home.

"Good Morning from the middle of the Pacific Ocean," Rob captioned the photo above. There is no place on earth like it."Bryiana continues to post new photos of her growing belly.

"Last night while we were sleeping, our son decided that it's finally time for me to start showing," she captioned this photo.


Every woman wants to have a proposal that’s worth remembering.

And on Saturday night, Bryiana Noelle Flores got her wish.



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