Duggar kids dating

PHOTOS: More Baby Bumps & Counting: Expectant Mother Anna Duggar Grabs Lunch With Sister Jinger In Fort Washington Fight Aware, which tracks pilot John-David’s every move on his private plane, reveals that the Duggar group flew from their native Springdale, Arkansas, to Campbell County Airport in Jacksboro, Tennessee, on Saturday morning.

The airport is just ten minutes away from the Bates’ native Rocky Top. The Duggar siblings didn’t take off from Tennesee for Arkansas until very late Sunday evening. ’ Duggar Critics Start Campaign To Convince Teen To ‘Break Out’ Of The Fundamentalist Family Radar first reported Jinger’s new romance last month, when Lawson was spotted standing next to the spunky Duggar sister at her cousin Amy’s wedding on September 6.

" Jinger simply laughed it off and said, "Rumors are rumors!

"WATCH: Anna Duggar 'Puts a Smile On' for Friends & Family as She Steps Out Without Josh The courting rumors between the sixth Duggar child, and Lawson may not be fully confirmed, but they have certainly been spending a lot of time together and even stood side-by-side in a family photo taken at Amy's wedding to Dillon King.

The two also reportedly had a date in Arkansas shortly after an event where the Duggars dressed as pirates for free Krispy Kreme donuts.

Lawson later tweeted a photo of himself with the caption, "Back to reality…

, when asked about where she saw herself in five years. I guess in some ways, you have hopes and dreams .” “There have been different guys who have come along and asked, but they haven’t been, I don’t know, the right one,” 26-year-old Duggar revealed, adding she had to be careful not to jump into a relationship too quickly.


“They were able to hang out with the Bates, attend the game and see their brother Joseph who attends Crown College. ” the post read, which included a few cute family photos. Duggar’s Rumored Love Lawson Bates Is An Aspiring Country Singer, Filmmaker– See The 10 Hottest Pics!

However, the family suspiciously failed to mention the specific Bates brother the siblings joined at the game.

Jinger’s suspected boyfriend, Lawson Bates, 23, also attended the event, though he cheered for the home team.

(The Bates family is from the Rocky Top, Tennessee, just a half hour north of Knoxville.) According to reports, Bates originally posted a clip of Jinger sitting right next to him in the stands, but he seems to have taken the tell-tale video down.

The secret courtship between Jinger Duggar and Lawson Bates appears to be heating up!According to the Duggar family official Facebook page, the outspoken 21-year-old, along with sister Joy-Ana, 17, and brother John-David, 25, watched the Arkansas Razorbacks beat the Tennessee Volunteers at Knoxville’s Neyland Stadium on October 3.



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