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I don’t remember all the songs that were on it, but I remember three of them: 1. You don’t cite the complexity of the human eye or the depth of the universe, you just email out a link to “Differences” and then watch all the atheists and agnostics drop down to their knees in reverence. When I die I’m walking right past the pearly gates and up to God and high-fiving him for making Ginuwine, because he got that one all the way right. It was a combination of two of the things I loved most.

Ginuwine’s unstoppable “So Anxious” (1999): This one was on there because it’s perfect. I mean, there’s literally a part in the video when he pop-locks in heaven. Probability of sex: negative-20 percent Its one true sex song (“I’ll Make Love to You”) is a classic and you’d do well to play that one, but the cumulative score gets dragged down into the muck because Boyz II Men mostly spent its time on songs saying good-bye to things (“End of the Road”; “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday”; “On Bended Knee”; “Water Runs Dry”). I think I cried for, like, 36 straight hours after I saw it.

The first time I tried to have sex with the woman whom I eventually married was some time during the spring semester of 2000. If you’ve never re-created the “Untitled” video in your bathroom with your cell phone, then why do you even have a cell phone? I actually saw D’Angelo earlier this year at the big shopping mall in Houston that all the famous people go to when they come here. Tyrese has a tribal tattoo around his belly button.

We were in college, and we’d gone on exactly one date at that point and she didn’t throw up or try to stab me, so in my brain I just was like, Now, I’m probably not that great at sex, but I’m all-world at planning for it. The first line is literally “I wonder if she could tell I’m hard right now.” I am so glad I didn’t have any daughters. I can’t even look directly at pictures of D’Angelo from the ’90s. Tyrese has a tribal tattoo around his belly button.

Though his adequate and sometimes brow-raising sixth album might seem fittingly titled, it's more descriptive of his career than of the content.

"Stronger" itself, one of his best ballads, regards perseverance and devotion, yet Last Ditch Attempts would be a more descriptive title for an album with desperate expressions like "I'll come to his house and help you pack your bags" and "'Cause I'm praying now/I give to the homeless now." On "If That's What It Takes," Babbs takes it to a new level by declaring "I'll carry your baby, do that nine months of pain," like he wrote it while watching that episode of The Cosby Show where Dr.

My most devastating pregame move on this occasion: I spent a good hour or so making a CD for us to listen to while we did what I’d figured we’d be doing. Probability of sex: negative-95 percent Every time I get mad at someone under 25 years old for anything, I have to stop and take a step back and remember that I grew up with Ginuwine and this person grew up with Trey Songz. Tyrese has a tribal tattoo around his belly button.

It was 16 songs long (which would’ve given me enough time to have sex about 13 times, I guess). Nobody did more for interracial relationships than Jon B. Probability of sex: negative-22 percent These guys are most famous for 1997’s “Too Close,” a song that’s all about getting an erection while dancing with a girl. Tyrese has a tribal tattoo around his belly button.


This Is How I Feel, his fifth album, had gone Top Ten, while the product of his collaboration with Tyrese and Ginuwine, as TGT, debuted at number three and was Grammy-nominated for Best R&B Album.

Huxtable has an off-the-wall dream after eating a hero sandwich.

Through much of Stronger, Babbs relates how much he needs his woman, and how much she means to him, over soft and glistening slow-jam productions from the likes of Young Fyre, James "J-Doe" Smith and Eric "Bluetooth" Griggs, and Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis and Shama "Sak Pase" Joseph.

So I was putting it on every compilation mix I made back then. Probability: 18 percent Did you know Keith Sweat’s real last name is “Crier”? Ne-Yo, also, please tell Columbus Short to make a real sequel to , because the sequel that got made was a total dump.

The uptempo songs are highlighted by the opening "You're My Star," with Kelly Rowland present in the background, while "Dance with Me" and "I Gotta Have It" -- the latter the album's lone song about a short-term fling -- are more throwback in nature, offering light disco-funk.

The relatively relaxed "Missing You," a more explicitly referential track, is a '70s Marvin Gaye homage built on a rolling, horn-accented groove with a subtle reference to "Distant Lover." It's more convincing than any of Robin Thicke's Gaye tributes.



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