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Evolutionary dating methods do not work and different methods used on the same sample often contradict each other. pre-Cambrian granites have quite a bit of lead, almost all of it being lead 206, the isotope descended from uranium 238 decay ... Scripture that there were only thousands of years available for the decay to take place ... one second was defined as 1/86,400 of a solar day or earth rotation.

Secondly, derived supposed dates (from the same material samples) often completely contradict each other using the same radioactive dating method! if you believe that the world was created 6,000 years ago, as the Creationists do, then you are an idiot ... Richard Dawkins’ latest polemic ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’, in which he made the outrageous and unscientific claim that the evidence for evolution is at least as good as the evidence for the Nazi race holocaust, he asserts that ‘all reputable theologians’ accept evolution, while viciously attacking Darwin dissenters ... However, such a second is uncertain because earth’s rotation is slightly irregular.



But separate from that - there are other (non-radiometric) dating methods based upon Earth processes. uranium decays, depositing both lead and helium ...We live on a dynamic (not static) planet; things are changing. in molten granitic rock today, there are lots of silicon and oxygen ions (electrically charged atoms), and some zirconium, uranium, and lead ions ... lattice will often reach out (electrostatically), grab the uranium ion ...


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