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Overdose yourself with 95 of these funny nursing e Cards and memes. And I think my look is a reflection of hell’s chaos after working double shifts! Some memes will make you burst out laughing and some have crude humor so ! Be Happy Song and Dance - Friends Happy Birthday Smiles and Song You Are My Best Friend!Fortunately, laughter can help relieve a stressful day and can lighten the moment. Web MD: where simple symptoms lead to terminal cancer. It is true that to survive this line of work, you need to have a good and twisted sense of humor to tolerate some of the weirdest and grossest things the human body has ever produce. A golden rule in nursing: Getting to nursing school? Try American Greetings funny ecards for birthday, holidays or any occasion. Nursing is indeed a noble and rewarding profession but sometimes a day from work (or even school) can be handful.



“Therapeutic communication” And a triple for OB nurses. Every student nurse’s struggle: Does anyone else do this? If you understand this, then you’re definitely a nurse. Speaking of marrying a nurse, how about 10 Reasons Why Dating a Nurse Is Like Winning the Lottery?

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Merry Merry Christmas Pigglet Happy Birthday Sung by The Birthday Baby The Independent Puppies and Kittens The Hardest Where's Waldo? Something Stuck Up In The Chimney The Non-Stop Laughing Kitty - Too Funny Bill Clinton's Latest Gig Funny Pup Wishing You A Great Day The Apple Worm Singing Telegram The Adorable Angel Snow Hug Granny's Gone Wild Just A Little Sunshine A Little Monkey Fun Click The Dots For A Hilarious Surprise Blue Smile Gag You Gotta Good Friend In Me!


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