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The company Liquid Loft has been founded in 2005 by the choreographer Chris Haring, the musician Andreas Berger, the dancer Stephanie Cumming and the dramaturge Thomas Jelinek.

The performers are constructing, direct and live on stage, text sculptures as a form of dance and an ever-new image of themselves via webcam.The company brings together artists of different profiles – visual artists, philosophers, writers, actors, dancers.The dancing pieces of Liquid Loft are always connected with new technologies and media.The voice is detached from the body in order to come back modified, which gives to the dancers surprising possibilities to combine their original material.

With this method of deconstruction and reconstruction, which includes the material of dance – the movement, as well as the different perspectives for perceiving the body, Liquid Loft continues to explore new territories of choreography.They are in a state of permanent simulation and mutual imitation, where there is no longer a distinction between original and copy, model and image, reality and imagination.



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    So if you bring a harmless magazine into the country you may find it confiscated due to it containing images of women showing just too much cleavage or leg.

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    Zo Zo Chat is an extraordinary place to be and chat without registration.

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    I know it is not possible to answer these questions without judging the person ( i seriously do not think anyone can do it) but still if you could answer them, I would be grateful.. And even if you did can anyone think of a case that resulted in charges for just text chatting on the internet. You'll know when you cross the line - there will be evidence.

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    We have a number of resources ranging from video discussions with our scientists, virtual tours through google hangouts to live streaming of our public lecture series called Argonne Outloud.

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    In my last post, I talked about a few problems I have with MODX.

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