Eharmony gay dating service

“Online dating service e Harmony has agreed to create a new website for gays and lesbians as part of a settlement with a gay man in New Jersey, the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General said on Wednesday.” (Reuters, Nov.

19, Fox Friedersdorf, see also Mataconis, Sullum, Balko).

Mc Kinley, who works at a nonprofit in New Jersey that he declined to identify, said that he had originally heard of EHarmony through its radio ads."You hear these wonderful people saying, 'I met my soul mate on EHarmony,' " Mc Kinley said. When he tried to enter the site, the pull-down menus had categories only for a man seeking a woman or a woman seeking a man.

"I felt the whole range of emotions -- anger, that I was a second-class citizen," Mc Kinley said.

EHarmony has opted to create a site called Compatible Partners (

Warren had said in past interviews that he didn't want to feature same-sex services on EHarmony -- which matches people based on long questionnaires concerning personality traits, relationship history and interests -- because he felt he didn't know enough about gay relationships.

The settlement also calls for EHarmony to pay ,000 to the state for administrative costs and ,000 to Mc Kinley. And though EHarmony has to offer him a year's free subscription on the new service as part of the settlement, Mc Kinley isn't sure he'll take the company up on it."They are going to know my name," Mc Kinley said.


EHarmony -- known for the mild-mannered television and radio advertisements by its founder, psychologist Neil Clark Warren -- not only must implement the new policy by March 31 but also must give the first 10,000 same-sex registrants a free six-month subscription."That was one of the things I asked for," said Eric Mc Kinley, 46, who complained to New Jersey's Division on Civil Rights, part of the state's attorney general's office, after being turned down for a subscription in 2005.

The Christian-based dating service e has been forced by the State of New Jersey to cater to homosexuals.


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