Ektron esync updating search catalogs

That’s because one of the implementation differences between Web Applications and Web Sites is that WAPS refer to their codebehind file using the .Usually, when you compile (or precompile) a WS or WAP project those references get ignored as there’s no code file necessary. Net to use a WAP aspx in a website you’ll get a compilation error.I’ve attached the source code for a basic command line application that I wrote to do this (imaginatively named ) , the usage for the app is on line 1 of the code sample above.

Net UI files (aspx, ascx, asmx, ashx, etc) within the xcopy statements.There’s a handy editor that let’s you know the values of various ‘macros’ for your project.These macros are resolved automatically before the commands are executed and mean you don’t have to hard code absolute locations into your project.Fortunately, you don’t need a code file for the site to work – only for the ‘’ attribute to be point towards your WAP page class.

So you can use a simple script/command line utility to remove any codebehind or codefile attributes as part of the Post-Build processing.The Ektron CMS is being used by the website stake holders.



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