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The small shark struck her and she struggled to escape.

“I saw a flash of grey in the water and then I felt a bit of pressure on my torso – that’s when I realized I had been bitten,” Sursara said, describing the attack. As quick as I could I just thrashed, so I was punching what was biting me.” Since her story surfaced, however, some experts are casting doubt on whether or not Sursara’s story is genuine.

She became well known after becoming an environmental broadcaster on television, film and radio.

She is currently dating dolphin activist Lincoln O' Barry and is a vegan.

Join us for a live Facebook Q&A with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets director Luc Besson Thursday, Nov. According to published reports, there were in abundance of 400 profiles on My Space using Sursara's pictures.

In 2010, Sursara and student Frieda Rose were named the Internet's "Most Faked Girls" after a study on social identity theft.

Environmental activist Elissa Sursara raised eyebrows earlier this week when she revealed that she had been attacked by a shark last year, and felt privileged to have been bitten, yet a growing chorus on social media is bringing her story into question.

Elissa Sursara is an environmental scientist, biologist and famous conservationist who promotes the rights and welfare of animals, endangered species and their habitats.

She is the celebrity ambassador of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the WWF and WWF's Earth Hour.



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