Elvis presley dating history

My main dilemma was to do the task at hand despite the distractions. Elvis and Ann-Margret were beautiful together; they shared an energy and enthusiasm for life that made you feel happy for them.

There I was, standing between them in very tight quarters, brushing Elvis’ hair; with Ann-Margret’s body so close to mine that I could actually feel her breasts on my back. Elvis was very fond of her and loved to make her laugh.

We entered Elvis’ tiny, cramped dressing room trailer with barely enough space for two people, let alone three.

Elvis seated himself at a small table in front of a mirror surrounded by light bulbs so I could do his hair.

They seemed to have all the elements for an enduring relationship, but Elvis confided that she intimidated him.

Gossip had it that things between them were serious; Elvis dismissed the stories as studio publicity, but they were true.

Priscilla made her displeasure known to Elvis, and though he pleaded his innocence, she really didn’t buy it. When Ann-Margret walked onto the back lot around eleven o’clock one evening, all eyes were instantly glued to her, including Elvis’ – he lit up like an incandescent light.

We were filming all night on the back lot of MGM, famous for many classic movies going back to the golden era of Hollywood.


Taking care of Elvis’ hair was certainly a different experience for me that night.

As always, my first obligation was to make certain Elvis’ hair looked perfect, camera-ready for his next scene.

When Elvis finished shooting his scene, he eagerly walked over to her.

They hugged, and then he took her by the hand and motioned me to follow them.

But this time I was engrossed in the interchange between Elvis and Ann-Margaret, the room buzzing with electricity and their emotions flying in all directions.

Each time they looked at one another their self-consciousness and magnetic attraction were obvious and transparent.



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