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I’m still learning things about Aaron, which I’m sure will continue to be the case for decades to come, but I’ve never been surprised by anything. For us, two months was enough time to know what we were getting ourselves into. I know that this would all look a lot more rosy if I was writing this after five or ten years of successful marriage…not 5 measly months.

I’ll never forget grabbing sushi in Norfolk on our lunch break, and me telling him that we can’t plan a future unless we are both stable in our own spirituality.

I’ll never forget the countless conversations about what marriage means, and discussing experiences from both of our pasts that made us completely ready for that kind of commitment…but also acknowledging the very real shortcomings in our characters that made us both afraid that we would fail as a good spouse.

It’s funny, because I still have the same reaction most people do when someone says, “So and so proposed to this girl after only knowing her for like, 4 months. By the time Aaron and I got engaged, I had spent tons of time with his best friend and had met his family.

We’d gone on little trips together that tested our compatibility.


Essentially, Aaron and I spent time with each other for about 2 months before he proposed. I’d like to share my experience to help everyone learn a little more about a journey that is considered unconventional or risky, with hopes of highlighting the well-known fact that each love story is different.Aaron and I have been lucky to face very little judgement (at least not to our faces…), but I think it’s important to remember that you can never fully understand a relationship unless you’re in it. Even for someone like me, though, I obviously still know that committing yourself to someone after a few weeks or months has the potential to be disastrous.



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