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C., Immigration Equality was founded in 1994 as the Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force to address the problems LGBT immigrants and their families uniquely face.

Lesbian Herstory Archives Includes a history of the Lesbian Herstory Archives (New York), how it works, and what it holds, with a sampling of material from the permanent collection and links to other lesbian resources.

Lavender Legacies: Guide to Sources in North America This guide, published by The Lesbian and Gay Archives Roundtable of the Society of American Archivists (SAA), contains detailed information on the collections and access procedures of more than fifty archival repositories across the US and Canada, both community-based and in mainstream institutions, holding significant archival collections pertinent to LGBT history and culture.

Immigration Equality Based in New York City and Washington D.

Canadian Gay Lesbian and Bisexual Resource Directory Dedicated to the collection, compilation and distribution of information about gay and gay-friendly resources, organizations and businesses to Canadians and visitors.

Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario An organisation composed of groups and individuals who are committed to working towards feminism and bisexual, lesbian, and gay liberation by engaging in public struggle for full human rights, by promoting diversity and access, and by strengthening cooperative networks for lesbian, gay, and bisexual activism. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies The Mark S.

Formed in Houston, Texas, by a group of concerned activists so that collective histories could be saved - as well as be available for educational uses - through the utilization of a museum or similar venue.

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission IGLHRC has posted up-to-date human rights fact sheets on its web page.



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